Clean Cuisine is not a diet.

Clean Cuisine is Houston’s only unprocessed, healthy meal prep program. Our chefs specialize in creating delicious, balanced meal plans using whole food and real spices. We provide a convenient pick up location, or doorstep meal prep delivery service.

Our food is crafted without:
high sodium
sugar or other sweeteners
refined oils
refined flours
high-sugar fruit
artificial ingredients

Your health is our priority. Processed foods have been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, mood disorders, diabetes and insulin resistance, overconsumption, general brain fogginess and fatigue, and a host of other negative side effects. Processed foods are high in artificial ingredients and preservatives, are low in nutrients, are taxing on the body to process, and lead to unsteady levels in blood sugar and energy levels, triggering the mid-day slump so many people experience.

People who have eliminated processed food from their diets report alleviation from these symptoms within the first week after changing their lifestyle. The most common benefits we hear from clients are increased energy levels, elevated mood, the disappearance of cravings for unhealthy foods, weight loss or a stabilization of weight, and alleviation of symptoms associated with a myriad of diseases.

Ready to see for yourself?