How does clean cusine work?

Clean Cuisine is simple. You place your order for a meal plan or individual meals, select delivery or pickup, and leave the rest to us. We prepare your meals fresh, just for you, and make sure they’re ready when you need them.

When Do I need to Order my Meals by?

We operate on a Mon-Fri meal schedule. Please place all pickup or delivery orders by 2pm on Saturday. We cannot guarantee orders or the typical delivery schedule for orders placed after the deadline.

When Can I pickup my meals?

We prepare meals twice a week so our food is always fresh. Meals for Monday – Tuesday are ready beginning Sunday afternoon at 1pm, and meals for Wednesday – Friday are beginning Tuesday at 9am. You may pickup your meals anytime during business hours.

How does delivery work?

Meals from the Monday – Tuesday section of the menu will be delivered Sunday evening between 4pm – 9 pm. Meals from the Wednesday – Friday section of the menu will be delivered Tuesday evening between 4pm – 9pm. If you place your order after Saturday at 2pm and would like delivery outside of our normal schedule, we will simply send your meal pack along on the next available delivery route unless otherwise indicated.

Your meals will be packed well with ice in an insulated bag, and the driver will ring your doorbell when the delivery is made.

To recycle the bag and ice packs, simply leave them on your porch or with your concierge and the driver will pick them up next time they make a delivery.

Explain the delivery charges?

We charge a flat rate of $13 per delivery. Our food is cooked fresh throughout the week, so we deliver twice per week. Food for Monday – Tuesday is delivered Sunday evening between 4pm – 9 pm, and food for the rest of the week is delivered Tuesday evening between 4pm – 9pm. Meals that span the whole week require two deliveries, so the fee is $26. Meals for the first OR last half of the week require one delivery and are $13.

What if i select pickup, but need delivery later?

Please call and let us know! Our goal is to make eating clean as easy as possible, so if your schedule changes, please call and let us know. We should be able to add you to the next delivery service, and make arrangements that work for you.

Do you have options for weekend plans?

We do not have a specific weekend plan because we find that most people have plans to eat out, travel, or like to cook for themselves on the weekends. If you would like food for the weekend, we recommend doubling up on the meals you like best throughout the week. Plenty of our customers order multiples of their favorite meals to get them through the weekend.

What if I have leftovers?

Package them back up and save them for later! Our containers are airtight and keep food fresh for up to ten days. If you have a whole meal you would like to save, you can pop it in the freezer and save it for another time.

I have an allergy or dislike certain foods, can You leave them out of my meals?

Yes! That is the beauty of ordering with Clean Cuisine – since all of your meals are prepared for you, fresh, onsite, we can easily accommodate your preferences. Please let us know when you order, or call us after. We will add your food preferences to your profile so you only need to tell us once.

You don’t deliver to my area, can i still enjoy clean cuisine?

Yes! You can always choose to pickup your meals if our location is convenient for you. If it’s not, please give us a call and we will work out a way to bring your meals to you.

What is morning moon?

Morning Moon is our trusted delivery service. If you receive your meals delivered to your home, you will become familiar with their purple bags. Please leave the bags on your porch when you expect your next delivery so that we can reuse or recycle the bags.